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When a property owner or Real estate does not want to deal with headaches that are involved with property Management, they look for a company that gives them information on Real estate trends and property update, Get started with Chiba Properties.


  • Everything included – We help property owners RENT or SALE their properties the highest price possible.
  • Fully customizable – We help those looking to RENT or BUY a house or office find an ideal property at reasonable price.
  • The best support – We provide unmatched support with all of our properties.

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Chiba Properties enables you to see your desired house and make a qualified decision .No more driving around without no more surprises, you always have a brief about what you will visit, you choose houses that most suits your budget with no more wasting time on searching. We have Properties most parts of the coastal region

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Every transaction, no matter its size, receives the attention of our senior staff.

Whether it be creating a strategic plan for their overall real estate needs, assessing existing leases, identifying new locations/properties or negotiating new favorable terms reflecting current market conditions, Chiba Properties stands ready to provide an individual and personalized service for our clients.

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